Important recall for thyroid medication

Important recall for thyroid medication

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Hexal: pharmaceutical company recalls drug

The pharmaceutical company Hexal has launched a recall for a drug. According to the company, the drug was partially printed with an incorrect amount of active ingredient. An overdose can lead to various health problems.

Hexal AG, a German subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Novartis, is recalling a thyroid medication. Some blisters of the drug may have incorrect information printed on them.

Avoid dosage errors

Hexal AG reports on its website about an urgent drug notification for thyroid patients:

The company is recalling the drug L-Thyrox® HEXAL® 100 micrograms tablets, 100 tablets, lot number (Ch.-B.): KK2878.

"With the batch mentioned above, it cannot be ruled out that some blisters are incorrectly printed with the words" 25 µg "on the back," the company writes.

However, as stated on the folding box, all blisters contain tablets with 100 µg active ingredient levothyroxine sodium.

"To avoid possible dosage errors during use, Hexal calls this batch as a precaution," says the website.

If necessary, contact the pharmacy

Patients who have L-Thyrox ° HEXAL ° 100 micrograms tablets, 100 tablets should check whether it is a preparation from the batch mentioned. The batch number (Ch.-B.) is located on the side of the folding box.

Persons who have received the product with the batch number KK2878 should contact their pharmacy.

Possible symptoms of an overdose

L-thyrox is a medicine that contains the thyroid hormone levothyroxine as an active ingredient. The drug is used, among other things, for an underactive thyroid or for the therapy of benign goiter.

Overdosing can lead to typical symptoms of an overactive thyroid.

Common symptoms are insomnia, headache, palpitations, nervousness and rapid heartbeat (tachycardia). (ad)

Author and source information

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