Tick ​​time begins: this should be taken into account in nature

Tick ​​time begins: this should be taken into account in nature

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Ticks are increasingly active

Especially in the Corona crisis, where social meeting points are closed, many people take long walks in nature. The beautiful weather is not only popular with people - ticks also become more active with increasing temperatures. Therefore, you should meet some previous illnesses during long stays in nature.

The weather is getting warmer and walks are allowed even in Corona times. If you are out in the fields, forests and meadows, you have to expect small crawling animals. Rising temperatures cause an increased tick density. This is indicated by the Center for Travel Medicine (CRM).

Beware of ticks when moving outdoors

Because sports and exercise are permitted everywhere, unlike travel or excursions, many people spend more time outdoors in spring-like temperatures. Doctor Tomas Jelinek advises to wear long trousers and closed shoes when staying in the country. Tick ​​protection agents for rubbing in or spraying on are also useful - especially if you are traveling in areas at risk from ticks.

After the excursion, the areas of the body preferred by ticks such as the back of the knees, armpits, pubic area, navel, abdominal folds and the area behind the ears should also be thoroughly searched. Removing a tick quickly reduces the risk of disease.

What are the risks of ticks?

Ticks can transmit early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE) and Lyme disease. There is a vaccination against TBE, which the STIKO Standing Vaccination Committee recommends for all those exposed to ticks in risk areas. Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are among the federal states with the highest TBE transmission risk. (vb; source dpa / tmn)

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