Facial pain? There can be many reasons for this

Facial pain? There can be many reasons for this

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Face pain has many causes

Headaches are a common illness. Facial pain is less common, but it is often a major burden for patients. It is important for those affected to observe the symptoms very closely.

Headaches usually appear in the back and top of the head; Facial pain is referred to when the symptoms are in the area of ​​the front parts of the head, i.e. between the forehead, temples and chin. The pain can have many causes.

Pain diary helps with diagnosis

If you suffer from facial pain more often, you can write down the time and type of seizures.

Because such a pain diary helps doctors with the diagnosis - and thus also with the correct treatment of the complaints. This is indicated by the professional association of German neurologists (BVDN).

Short and violent attacks of pain

For example, trigeminal neuralgia is a common form of facial pain. The pain attacks are usually short and violent and mostly limited to one side. Triggers are, for example, stimuli such as chewing, swallowing or brushing teeth.

It is particularly treacherous that those affected are free of symptoms for a very long time before the pain returns suddenly and then several times a day.

Discomfort can be caused by psychosomatic problems
However, other causes of facial pain are also conceivable, including psychosomatic problems. However, these other causes are often not recognized by experts - in contrast to trigeminal neuralgia, which is rather diagnosed too often.

There may also be headache types such as cluster headache and, in very rare cases, a migraine ( (ad, source: dpa / tmn)

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