Important recall campaign for chili powder due to salmonella

Important recall campaign for chili powder due to salmonella

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Salmonella found: "Heera Chilli Powder Extra Hot" is recalled

The British company P & B Foods Ltd has launched a recall for the article "Heera Chilli Powder Extra Hot" because it found salmonella. Consumers are asked not to consume the chili powder.

Spice can contain salmonella

The British company P & B Foods Ltd is recalling the article "Heera Chilli Powder Extra Hot" with the lot number PB9446M / 4. According to a message published on the portal "" by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety, the spice could contain salmonella. Consumers who bought the chilli powder should never consume it.

Bacteria can trigger gastrointestinal diseases

Salmonella are bacteria that are found worldwide; they can trigger severe gastrointestinal disorders.

"Sudden diarrhea, headache and abdominal pain, general malaise and occasionally vomiting are common symptoms of Salmonella disease," explains the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) on its "" portal.

According to the experts, there is often a slight fever. The complaints often last for several days and then subside.

"In rare cases, it can also lead to serious illnesses, such as a bloodstream infection (sepsis), with z. T. high fever come ”, so the BZgA.

Groups of people particularly at risk

The experts point out that infants, toddlers, seniors and people with a weakened immune system are particularly at risk.

The loss of fluids and salts due to diarrhea and vomiting can lead to circulatory collapse or kidney failure in severe cases and very rarely to death in the worst case. (ad)

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