Barbecue season: Marinated grilled meat often with many harmful additives

Barbecue season: Marinated grilled meat often with many harmful additives

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Marinated grilled meat often contains many unnecessary additives

Summertime is a barbecue season: there is hardly anything that is so popular with people like putting sausages, meat, fish or even vegetarian dishes on the grill in a convivial atmosphere. If you fall back on ready-marinated grilled meat, you should take a closer look at the list of ingredients. Because many of these products contain unnecessary additives.

Enjoy free time outside

With summer temperatures, the barbecues will smoke again in many gardens and parks at the weekend. Most Germans love to spend their time outdoors in good company and enjoy delicious food. If you are placing ready-marinated grilled meat on the grill, it is best to look at the list of ingredients beforehand. Because, according to consumer advocates, many of these products contain unnecessary additives.

Finished marinated meat products examined

As part of a sample, the Brandenburg Consumer Center examined 41 fully marinated meat products and found that manufacturers often use an unnecessary amount of additives.

As the experts write in a statement, consumers can at least easily identify these substances by looking at the packaging.

But it is often difficult to identify the origin and quality of the meat.

Increased risk of allergies

"A look at the label is worthwhile, because at least 13 of the 41 packaged grilled meat products in our sample do not use additives," explains Silke Vollbrecht, food expert at the Brandenburg Consumer Center.

Her team examined the ingredient lists of seasoned and marinated steaks, skewers and spare ribs.

For the other products, the producers particularly use thickeners, antioxidants, stabilizers and acidity regulators - all substances that help finished products to last longer, have a preservative effect or maintain consistency.

"With the use of additives, manufacturers can hide the lower quality of the product," says the food expert.

Basically, the consumption of additives increases the risk of allergic reactions or developing allergies. The expert therefore advises not to use products with additives.

Sugar is also often added

Consumers can identify these in the list of ingredients on the packaging by means of an E number or the name of the additive.

Information must also be provided at the fresh food counter: on the product itself or in a clear overview.

Some manufacturers also add sugar to the marinades. "An investigated product contained seven different types of sugar," says Silke Vollbrecht.

If you want to be sure of what's inside, marinate your grill meat yourself. Oil, salt, pepper and Mediterranean herbs can be used to season fresh meat without any E numbers.

The origin of the meat cannot always be identified

According to the consumer advice center, the origin and quality of the products are much more difficult to identify than additives. "The legal regulations on labeling are often opaque for consumers," criticizes Vollbrecht.

A declaration of origin is mandatory for packaged fresh meat - but not for processed meat. Even the addition of salt or marinade means that consumers do not know where the meat comes from.

When consumers buy their meat at the fresh food counter, they can only hope for a voluntary information from the retailer about the origin.

As a rule, only beef must have indications of origin at the fresh food counter. However, there is no labeling requirement as soon as it has been processed in any way or mixed with other meat.

Defrosted meat

"Marinated products are often made from thawed meat," says Vollbrecht.

"For beef and pork, however, the manufacturers do not have to make a" thawed "note on the packaging - this is only mandatory for unprocessed goods," explains the food expert.

Poultry meat must never be sold thawed due to the health risk.

Grill vegetarian

According to health experts, coli bacteria can often be found on meat, which can lead to diarrhea.

Therefore, it is often advised to use alternative grilling with vegetables and tofu.

It should be noted here that vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms or leeks should be salted better after barbecuing, as otherwise they lose too much water and are therefore very soft.

And vegetarian meat substitutes such as tofu sausages shouldn't be placed in the middle of the grill because they are more sensitive to heat.

Here you will find more tips and tricks for healthy barbecuing. (ad)

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