New hearing test can diagnose autism in newborns

New hearing test can diagnose autism in newborns

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Non-invasive hearing test suitable for the early detection of autism

Early diagnosis of diseases is important for the correct treatment of patients and successful treatment. According to the latest research, a non-invasive hearing test could improve the early detection and diagnosis of autism in newborns.

In their current investigation, scientists at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine found that a non-invasive hearing test enables the early detection and diagnosis of autism. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "American Osteopathic Association" (JAOA).

Can our hearing indicate ASS?

At present, a so-called autism spectrum disorder (ASS) in children is typically diagnosed at the age of four using tests that are largely dependent on language. However, according to the latest research, experts are now of the opinion that the key to early diagnosis could be the detection of hearing problems. Therefore, doctors suggest using acoustic reflex tests that measure pressure changes in the middle ear in response to noise. Such a non-invasive test evaluates a person's sensitivity and response times for a wide range of frequencies.

Autism can be associated with hearing hypersensitivity

People with autism often suffer from hearing sensitivity, which means that even relatively quiet sounds can feel overwhelming, explains study author Professor Randy Kulesza of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. If parents and doctors take this into account from the start, they can work to improve the child's sensitivity and make their experience of the environment less intense and scary.

Deficits can be improved through exercises

Performing reflex reflex tests provides much more information about the types of dysfunctions, which would enable treatment that can begin years before symptoms appear. The right countermeasures taken at an early stage could have a positive effect on these deficits through some kind of training. The researchers also point out that hearing is crucial for language development, which in turn can influence the social-emotional development that many children with ASA struggle with. Scientists believe that optimizing the auditory system can fundamentally improve a person's quality of life. While there is an obvious relationship between ASA and hearing impairment, more research is needed to understand how best to use interventions for people with hearing impairment. Positive tests for hearing impairment could enable a tailored early intervention that maximizes the potential of children, the study authors explain. (as)

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