Study: Tai Chi helps with tumor-associated fatigue

Study: Tai Chi helps with tumor-associated fatigue

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Tai Chi helps to relieve leaden fatigue caused by cancer

A meta-analysis has now confirmed that Tai Chi exercises over 8 weeks in tumor-associated fatigue significantly contribute to symptom relief.

Around 30-40% of all cancer patients suffer from tumor-associated fatigue. It occurs during and after treatment and can persist for years. Fatigue is characterized by feelings of tiredness, exhaustion and lack of energy and often leads to a considerable loss of performance. Fatigue is often considered worse by the affected patients than pain, sleep disorders, loss of appetite or nausea.

Tumor-associated fatigue is most successfully treated through exercise and psychological support.

Scientists have now confirmed that Tai Chi can also improve the fatigue symptoms of cancer patients. For their meta-analysis, they evaluated six randomized controlled trials with 373 patients in which the effect of regular tai chi practice on tumor-associated fatigue compared to standard treatment u. a. has been checked with other sporting activities.

In the course of the studies, proven data collection tools were used at the beginning and at the end of the studies.

Tai Chi interventions for more than 8 weeks were clearly superior to the standard applications. However, it is still unclear how long-term influence will affect.

Subgroup analyzes showed significant soothing effects in patients with breast and lung cancer. However, this did not apply to prostate cancer.

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