Hypertension: Proper saunas can stabilize high blood pressure

Hypertension: Proper saunas can stabilize high blood pressure

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Saunas can lower blood pressure

A Finnish study showed that regular visits to the sauna can cause blood pressure to stabilize. 1,600 male subjects took part in the study. The study was carried out by the University of Kuopio. Hypertension patients should consult their family doctor or cardiologist beforehand.

Halved risk

Men who went to the sauna four to seven times a week suffered from hypertension only half as often as those who went to the sauna only once a week.

Long-term study

It is a long-term study. The scientists collected the data over 22 years. In this way, an exact result could be created. The less often someone went to the sauna, the higher their blood pressure. Those who went to the sauna two to three times a week reduced the risk by at least 24%.

Where does the lower blood pressure come from?

The researchers explain the connection between saunas and lower blood pressure: the sauna raises the body's temperature by two degrees, which causes the blood vessels to expand and blood pressure to drop. In addition, regular sauna users lose fluid, which also lowers blood pressure. In addition, saunas would relax and thus relieve the cardiovascular system.

Saunas promote health

Depending on the tolerance, one to three sauna sessions with a duration of eight to 15 minutes each should take place. A short stay in fresh air, a cold water application and possibly a warm foot bath are pleasant between the individual courses. A 15 to 20-minute rest period is also good. If you follow these rules of thumb, then saunas are an ideal supplement after sport and promote health.

Sauna does not help everyone

However, the sauna is not suitable for everyone. If you have a cold, you should not go to the sauna, even with fresh wounds or if you suffer from alcoholism.

Caution with cardiac patients

In certain diseases, patients should not go to the sauna. For example, rheumatism patients should only take a sauna in the inflammation-free phase and epileptics should do without it, since the sauna could cause seizures. People with severe varicose veins and other venous vascular diseases should also be careful and follow certain rules of conduct, such as putting your legs up if possible. Especially in the case of cardiovascular or vascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, heart attack, irregular heartbeat (fluttering, rapid heartbeat), high blood pressure or asthma, patients should seek medical advice before going to the sauna. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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